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HARRY HAPPENINGS.................click here

BEAVER SPRINGS DRAGWAY announces second annual FE Race & Reuion dates...

Beaver Springs Dragway added a new event in 2013, the FE Race and Reunion,which was the brainchild of Jody Aberts, a racer who campaigns a FE powered 1966 Fairlane. The event was a success with 130 FE Fords making the show in year one! The 2014 version will be back at at the same facility and scheduled for April 25-26. For additional information contact Beaver Springs Dragway at 570-658-9601 or email Bob McCardle; beaverbob@beaversprings.com or Jody Aberts at troublemaker427@comcast.net. Here is the event flier CLICK HERE. (12/11/2013)

UPDATE: The event will feature a 50th anniversary of the 1964 Thunderbolt and include record runs see who has the fastest Thunderbolt. The cars will run in a separate Thunderbolt time trial to see who is the quickest and fastest. The class is open to both original and clone FE powered Thunderbolts.(2/12/2014)


"50th Anniversary - Thunderbolt Reunion" - Dearborn MI - weekend of June 27th

The 50th Anniversary - Thunderbolt Reunion - in set to take place in conjunction with the Fairlane Club of America 2014 National Meet in Dearborn, The weekend of June 27th.MI

A private dinner and social event have been organized by the Thunderbolt Owners Association to commemorate this milestone and to honor the Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Steel Tubing personnel involved with the Thunderbolt project, the owners, driver and mechanics from the era. This event is being held in the Grand Ballroom -
Adoba Hotel - Dearborn, MI on Friday June 27, 2014, commencing 5 pm until 11 pm, featuring a vehicle display, memorabilia, and celebratory cake.

Tickets for this event include a multi course buffet dinner, coffee, tea, and dessert. $55 per person, in advance. Cash bar will be available. Business casual or neat attire is suggested.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a limited number of tickets available. Ticket sales are first come, first serve, so submit your order early! As advance headcount to the hotel is required, there will be NO plans for ticket sales at the door. (4/21/2014)

For tickets or for further information, please contact Dennis Kolodziej at ford427@peoplepc.co


Super Chevy Show returns to PBIR...

Jupiter, FL Palm Beach International Raceway - DRHOF.com's, Harry Laplatte reports that the SCS at PBIR this weekend had a nice turnout! This photo below of Harry with a Jenkins' 1969 Camaro that caught his eye. If this is the real car it the the car that introduced Pro Stock to the NHRA. The car was originally a Super Stock racer, then run in A/Modified Production. The factories like the idea of using at the time new vehicles to help generate sales on the dealership level. Ford, GM and Chrysler all had teams running cars. It was a great era to be there at the beginning of the Pro Stock seeing the battles between Jenkins, Sox, Glidden and many more. Hopefully, we'll receive several more photos of the happenings at PBIR from the weekend. (4/6/2014)


2014 DRHoF.com Inductees named....

The class of 2014 has been announced with five inductees being nominated. Leading off the pack is Joseph Bambace followed by photographer and graphic designer, Steve Bell, custom car painter Bob Gerdes, racer Bob Lee and the last, the deceased Paul Linderman. Linderman's name may not be familiar as he passed away in 1964 while racing a Super Stock Dodge in Canada, Linderman also owned a Dodge dealership. The accident occurred at the completion of his pass and while attempting to pus the the neutral button hit the reverse pushbutton by mistake. The car went into reverse and flipped violently when the seatbelt attachments ripped out of the floor. Unfortunate happenings such as this is how many of the safety measures were introduced into drag racing. (2/5/2014)




Happy 50th 426 HEMI engine...

The 426 cubic inch Hemi was in February 1964 strictly as a race engine. The first Hemis made their way into NASCAR with Richard Petty taking his famous #43 to several wins before NASCAR disallowed the venerable engine in competition. The 1964 Plymouth's and Dodges instantly became the ultimate race cars of the era in NHRA drag racing circles and still today racers covet owning one of these treasures. Originally built for Super Stock the basic engine has become the standard for Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars as well as the SS/AH Hemi Barracudas and Darts (1968/69). In 1966, Chrysler came out with a mild tuned version called the Street Hemi, which made it possible for the general public. Prior to the Street Hemi powered cars only a select few of proven racers were able to attain one of these jewels.

Our own Harry Laplatte's Dad, Harold, purchased a 1964 Hemi Plymouth and campaigned it in the mid-60's. The car, called the "Satellite" ran on the east coast. Fortunately, the car is now in the care of Wade Laplatte (Harry's brother) in its original form. Take note of the seven inch rear slicks! (2/7/2014)

Who raced the earliset 1964 Mustang?

Here's what we do know; In late 1964, Ford contracted Holman & Moody to prepare ten 427-powered Mustangs to contest the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) A/Factory Experimental class in the 1965 drag racing season. Five of these special Mustangs qualified for competition debutting at the 1965 NHRA Winternationals, where they qualified in the Factory Stock Eliminator class. The car driven by Bill Lawton won the A/FX class and his connection with TASCA Ford is now a legendary in drag racing history. Several other notable drivers like Len Ritcher, "Gas" Ronda, Dick Brannan, Les Ritchey, Al Joniec, Terry Harvey, Clester Andrews, Paul Norris, Phil Bonner to name a few. The Mustangs were a replacement for the infamous 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt, which were outfitted with the tried and true 427 FE side-oiler sporting dual Holley four barrel carburetors. The 427 cubic inch "Cammers" were originally designed for NASCAR to battle against the 426 Plymouth and Dodge Hemis of the era, but both the Cammer and Hemi were outlawed and transitioned into the drag racing, hence the A/FX Mustangs.

Mike Matune did track down the list and article provided by Charles Morris of the ten A/FX Mustangs built for competition; Car Tech Auto Books article HERE

  •     5F09K380230, Dick Brannan
  •     5F09K380231, Show car   
  •     5F09K380232, Tasca Ford (Bill Lawton)
  •     5F09K380233, Performance Associates (Les Ritchey)
  •     5F09K380234, Wickersham Ford (Clester Andrews)
  •     5F09K380235, Al Swenson Ford (Al Joniec)
  •     5F09K380236, Holman & Moody (Paul Norris)
  •     5F09K380237, Paul Harvey/Bob Ford (Len Richter)
  •     5F09K380238, Phil Bonner
  •     5F09K380239, Russ Davis Ford (Gas Ronda)

UPDATE - From what Mike has been able to acertain is that Ron Pellegrini campainged a 1964 Mustang notchback with a 427 FE motor in 1964. The drivetrain came from the Hawkison 1964 Ford Thunderbolt. More information on the car in the Car Tech article Ford’s 1965 Factory Experimental Mustangs (2/14/2014)




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